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Crafting Custom Web Applications Aligned with Your Business Needs.

Web Development

Web Development Services

Elevate your digital presence with our comprehensive web development services. Our expert team creates engaging and high-performance web applications customized to meet your unique business requirements. From the initial design concept to deploying scalable and responsive solutions, we ensure a seamless user experience across all devices.


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Key Features

Web Development Features

Frontend Development

Craft visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces using cutting-edge frameworks like React and Angular.

Backend Development

Build a robust and scalable server-side logic using Node.js and other backend technologies for efficient data processing.

Responsive Design

Ensure a seamless user experience across devices with responsive design principles and fluid layouts.

Mobile Optimization

Optimize your web applications for a smooth and responsive experience on mobile devices.

Analytics Integration

Integrate powerful analytics tools to gather insights and enhance decision-making for your web applications.

SEO Optimization

Implement SEO best practices to improve visibility and ranking on search engines for your web applications.


Web Development Technologies

Programming Languages

Utilize the power of JavaScript (React, Node.js), HTML, and CSS for dynamic and interactive web applications.


Ensure data integrity and performance with databases such as MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

Cloud Services

Leverage the scalability and reliability of cloud services from AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

Microservices Architecture

Implement a microservices architecture for enhanced flexibility and scalability in your web development projects.

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I have been working with the software development team at EWS Automation for the past two years, and I couldn't be happier with the quality of their work. They have been instrumental in helping our company develop and launch a new product, and their attention to detail and quick turnaround times have been invaluable.

Esty Herman
Esty HermanCEO, Empire Expediting

Our company had been struggling to find the right software development partner, but we hit the jackpot when we found EWS Automation. They have a deep understanding of our industry and have been able to provide tailored solutions to meet our unique needs. Their team is responsive, dedicated, and easy to work with.

Alon Kalka
Alon KalkaCEO, DYS Construction

Working with EWS Automation was like having an extended part of our own team. They really got what we were aiming for from the start and brought our vision to life just as we imagined. It’s been fantastic to see our ideas take shape and function exactly how we wanted – couldn't have asked for a better partnership!

Ed HoffmanFounder & CEO, Hoffman & Co

The software development team at EWS Automation has played a key role in the success of our business. Their ability to deliver high-quality products on time and on budget has been invaluable. I highly recommend them to any company looking for a reliable and capable software development partner.

Heshy QuittnerCEO, PRN Capital

We were in a bind and needed a software development team that could work quickly and deliver results. EWS Automation came through in a big way, not only meeting but exceeding our expectations. Their technical skills are top-notch and their customer service is unparalleled.

Gita sturnYachad Tours

I have had the pleasure of working with EWS Automation on multiple projects and they have consistently exceeded my expectations. The team is composed of experienced and skilled developers who are always willing to go above and beyond to deliver the best product possible. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Idan Harari
Idan HarariICTBIT

The collaboration with EWS Automation brought a professional touch to our online presence. Their keen design sense and intuitive website have undoubtedly elevated our brand and customer experience.

Yosef KaverYOS Inc

EWS Automation turned our app idea into reality in ways we couldn't have imagined. They transformed our concept into a user-friendly, visually captivating mobile app that our customers love.

Ari storkShaphire Advance

I have been extremely impressed with the level of expertise and professionalism demonstrated by the software development team at EWS Automation. They have been able to take my complex ideas and turn them into a functional and user-friendly product. I look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.

Morty WiessE&M Managment